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New edition of 'Discover Europe'

GW+OdkryjEuropeThe next edition of the "Odkryj Europę" Magazine ('Discover Europe') will be published on 10 April 2010 in 'Gazeta Wyborcza - Trójmiasto' (Gdansk edition) and on 17 April 2010 in Gazeta Wyborcza Stołeczna (Warsaw edition). For the first time the printed edition will be accompanied by the internet edition. Texts and advertisements will be presented on www.gazeta.pl in the travel section Turystyka: turystyka.gazeta.pl. The main partner of the edition will be Innovation Norway, the official Norwegian tourist board. 'Gazeta Wyborcza' is a leading daily newspaper in Poland.

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Previous editions of the magazines can be seen here: www.odkryj.eu.

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